A return to Ordinary Time with a Pastors Message from June, 15, 2022

All of the seasons of the church year have their delights, and their frustrations, as well.  Now that Pentecost and Trinity Sunday are behind us, we will be settling into the season after Pentecost during which time there are no celebrations or feast days on the church calendar, until Christ the King Sunday in late November.  We’re not terribly fond of the term “Ordinary Time” as it relates to the life of the church, because there’s nothing “ordinary” about living into the fullness of our calling as Christian brothers and sisters; these several months present us with the incredible gift of uninterrupted time to contemplate our lives, seek ways to grow in our faith, and invest in learning and study so that the messages of the high holy days aren’t lost in the rush of planning to celebrate the high holy days.  Just as late spring, summer, and fall are days of blissful rest and joyful play, the post-Pentecost season can be days of enjoying the Triune God in every aspect of our lives in a less-hectic way.  Cherish this time, and allow it to deepen your relationship with the Divine.

Let us study together and learn of the Goodness of God!

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