Youth Ministry

We welcome all youth into our chapel community! 

We strive to pass on our Christian faith to the next generation, and encourage them to live as caring disciples in the world.​ Please join us at any or all of our youth programs but, don’t feel you must be a youth to come join us in our fun.

All are welcome!

By the Grace of God, Vacation Bible School will be back this summer! Our tentative dates are July 5-9 with VBS Sunday Service on July 11. Watch for more information here. It will be different this year as the times are different, but we will sing, dance, love Jesus, and create new memories together safely!

Dear Parents,

Shall we give Rocky Railway VBS another try this year? This has sure been a rough one for all of us, but with great Faith I have spoken to Council and we all agreed to give it a go for this summer. Our dates are July 5-9 with VBS Sunday on the 11th. Of course this all depends on Michigan’s status with Covid and its variant strains, but it is looking good in our area. 

We have a plan in place and a work-around for the safety of us all. We plan to have VBS outside this year with a large tent for our beginning and closing programs. While in the big tent, everyone but the pre-kindergarten kids will be asked to wear masks and practice the 3 ft. social distancing rule Michigan requires. When in the smaller tent and canopy tents, masks will not be necessary. Two stations (KidVid and Imagination Station) will be inside the Chapel building where masks are required. KidVid will be in the Sunday School room and Imagination Station will remain in the Bell Room. Snacks will be pre-packaged and placed in individual bags for safety reasons. The exception will be ice cream Wednesday when even more precautions will be taken.

I do know “Ms. Vickie and the Littles” will be separated in a part of the large tent, and Mr. Earl and games will be outside. Bible Adventures will be in a tent, too. Canopy tents will also be available for use. As we will be moving in and out and using most if not all of the property, we are still working out all details as to safely moving people through the morning. One detail we know for sure is please have your kids bring their favorite beach towel to sit on. Beach towels are great for social distancing! Make sure their names are on their towels! 

For both out of state and in the area folks, I have attached a registration form to fill out. Please, if you could mail it back to the Chapel or drop it off on Wednesday or Thursday after 10:00 am, it would be appreciated. Just knock on the side door which leads into the Administrative Assistant’s office. The Chapel’s address is : 8025 East Grand Lake Road, Presque Isle, MI 49777

We need you this year more than ever! Judging from some of the kid’s excited reactions, they need us too! I won’t even tell you about the crazy reactions from my teachers and their staff! Needless to say, I think we are most excited. See you July 5th, if not before. Wait until you see our train! 

Ms. Abbey

Theme song from Rocky Railway featuring Group’s Lifetree Kids. Have fun with the motions and song! If we ever need trust in Jesus, we need it now. We can hardly wait to see your kids again!