Women’s Ministries

Online Bible Study 

Join us for an online Bible Study using the YouVersion Bible App. It is easy to set up and it is free. If you don’t have the Bible App, call or text Pam Barkel at 810-730-7736 and she will help you set it up and invite you to participate in our studies. In March, we will be using Through the Word Audio Guides which are rich in solid and practical teaching.

“Do you understand what you are reading?” Philip asked. “How can I,” he said, “unless someone explains it to me?”

Download by Clicking Here!

Plans for March include the three part study of the Letter to the Romans in the New Testament. We will be using Through the Word Audio Guides again. Here are the titles of the study and their start dates:

Romans Explained Part 1: Heathens, Hypocrites & Jesus. STARTS March 5th.

Romans Explained Part 2: I’m Saved How Do I Stop Sinning? STARTS March 14th.

Romans Explained Part 3: How To Live It. STARTS March 19th.

Please join us this March. Download the Bible App, create your personal YouVersion account, and friend Pam Clarke Barkel. Pam will send you a personal invite to join us. The instructions are all there in the Click Here area above. All are welcome!

Women’s Guild 

The Guild meeting provides a monthly setting for Christian women to gather together to share in devotions and pray and serve together.  The Guild’s mission is to serve the church and in doing so, serve God, by:

Planning and organizing general housekeeping of the Chapel.

Planning and organizing funeral dinners and luncheons

Maintaining and stocking kitchen supplies

Conducting fund-raisers to help pay for various Chapel expenses

Conducting fund-raisers to help support a variety of missions, both local and abroad

Organizing and funding special projects of the Chapel

Organizing, funding and preparing the Soup Suppers and special dinners

Decorating the Chapel for Easter and Christmas

Organizing the Good Friday Vigil

Current Guild Officers are Pam Barkel, President, Linda Seyfferth, Secretary, and Barb Nichols, Treasurer.

We meet monthly, on the first Tuesday, at 12:30 p.m.  Devotions are shared by a Guild member. We pray together and review and act upon physical needs at the Chapel. We are hoping to have a dinner in February for the community. In August we share a salad luncheon, and in December a Christmas luncheon is planned with the Women’s Club.

Women’s Retreat & Faithful Friends

For the last few years, the Grand Lake Community Chapel has held a Women’s Retreat in late September for a Friday night and Saturday time of sharing, laughing, singing, and learning together. We have looked at Titus, Psalms, escaped to the sea via a program called Seaside Escape, and had yummy coffee and treats via Sweet Life Cafe. After missing 2020’s time together, by faith, 2021 will bring a new retreat to the Chapel.

As a result of our Retreats, Faithful Friends was created to form closer bonds with one another, share our lives, and enjoy a meal together at local restaurants every month. Please refer to the Calendar for a start date, time, and meeting place as we await a season with little or no restrictions due to Covid.