Food Pantry

God Loves You! Food Pantry exists to help those in need. We follow the lead of Christ, feeding those who hunger and providing other supplies as we can. We are an all-volunteer organization, existing solely on dedication of volunteers and donations.

When in line, please do not block access to the US Post Office, Birch Hill store, or any driveways. Also please do not take cuts in line. ** We value and appreciate our local post office and small town businesses and residents. Please be respectful and help keep our town safe!

“We plan to have a Food Truck Pantry in Presque Isle on the second Tuesday of each month. But, please check our Facebook page within a few days prior to each Pantry for the announcement (in case a truck is cancelled).”

 The next Food Truck Pantry date is

June 13th

11:30 a.m. Delivery

If you desire to support us in this ministry, we have a few ways:

1. Volunteer – We have many opportunities, including behind the scenes. Email us at if you are interested in joining our Pantry Family.

2. Make a donation of food, supplies, plastic bags – Email or call the Grand Lake Chapel (our headquarters location) at 989-595-6073.

3. Make a monetary donation – You can send monetary donations to God Loves You Food Pantry, PO Box 94, Presque Isle, MI 49777.

4. Pray – Pray for our community, our clients, our volunteers.

For our most current information check our Facebook link at CLICK HERE