Pastor’s Message

Reaching Out from

Grand Lake Community Chapel

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Wednesday, January 13, 2020 

Greetings in Christ!

This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it!  Let us be glad that we’ve been given a new day to enjoy, new opportunities to serve God’s Kingdom, and new possibilities for joyful connections with one another.  In these days of turmoil and division, let us rejoice that we are all loved by Almighty God, that we are all blessed with the grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and that we all share in the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.  God is good, all the time!

This week is the bridge between the delights of the Advent and Christmas holidays, and the somewhat more subdued events of Ordinary Time on the church calendar; soon enough, five weeks from now to be exact, Ash Wednesday will set the stage for the observance of Lent.  These few weeks between now and then present us with the time we need to incorporate the Light of Christ, given at Christmas, into our very beings; these few weeks present us with the gift of time to ensure that our light will shine brightly during the darker days of Lent, and thus will the Light of Christ fill the world with its saving glow.  No matter what happens with the pandemic, politics, or the weather forecast, that Light will guide us through whatever comes our way! 

Praise be to God, who all the time is good!!

In Christ,

Karen and Greg

My mouth will speak the praise of the Lord, And all flesh will bless His holy name forever and ever. Psalm 145:21

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