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Grand Lake Community Chapel

Why Living In Michigan In The Winter Is The Absolute Best

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Greetings in Christ!

This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it!  Let us rejoice that the snowplows are out clearing our roads, and let us be glad that there are skilled men and women willing to do such work!  Part and parcel of living Up North is that we get snow, which makes for beautiful vistas, but which also makes getting around a little bit challenging at times; so let’s be thankful for those who go out and clear away the snow, whether they be city workers, county workers, private contractors, or members of our own households (and maybe ourselves!).

And while we’re being thankful, let’s not forget those in the medical field, who have done so much for us in the last couple of years as we’ve dealt with the pandemic; so many have done so much to alleviate pain and suffering, all the while exposing themselves to the virus and often contracting it themselves.  These folks are angels on earth, and are deserving of our thanks and praise, and our ongoing prayers.  Also, let’s not forget the first responders, those who drive ambulances and fire trucks and police cars through the snowy roads, and save lives.  Think about the firefighters who respond to the alarm at all hours of the day and night, and work tirelessly to save homes and businesses from fire, even when the temperatures are below freezing and their equipment ices up.  Consider those in law enforcement, who fight their way over icy roads to respond to emergencies, never knowing for sure what they’ll encounter when they arrive at the scene.  While we regularly include these fine people in our prayers during worship, they are in need of our prayers every day; and they are deserving of our deepest gratitude every day as well.  Oh, and don’t forget to express your deepest gratitude to the One who made all things…

With our love in Christ,

Karen and Greg

Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that can’t be shaken,
let’s continue to express our gratitude. With this gratitude, let’s serve in a way
that is pleasing to God with respect and awe. Hebrews 12:28

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Winter Scripture Images Quotes. QuotesGram

Wishing you joy and peace in your day!  Remember, God’s got this.

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