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Grand Lake Community Chapel

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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Greetings in Christ!

This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it!  Let us rejoice in the picture-perfect day that we have been blessed with, and let us be glad for mild temperatures and crystal-clear skies!  Today is one of those days that it just feels great to be alive, and today is one of those days that invite us to consider the perfection of God’s plan for our lives.

Sometimes the weather isn’t what we might want it to be, sometimes our gardens don’t produce the way we’d like them to, and sometimes we go through experiences that are painful.  At those times, we have to remember that a dedicated life of faith isn’t a guarantee against challenges, rather it is a guarantee of a safe passage to the other side of life’s difficulties, where we will find God’s right and perfect outcomes at God’s right and perfect time.  What we find isn’t always what we wanted, or when we wanted it, but our faith informs us that God wants only good for us; and God’s ways are not our ways, and God’s thoughts are not our thoughts. In all though times our Lord offers to strengthen and carry us through.  So on a glorious day like this one, let us enjoy a perfect summer’s day, and let us consider that when the skies are gray and the winds are high, soon and very soon we will be blessed with perfection.  And let us remember that when life gets a bit bumpy, or downright hard, someday we will be blessed with God’s loving care and an eternity in Paradise with our Lord.  What a blessing!!


Karen and Greg

For “everyone who calls on the name
of the Lord will be saved.”  Romans 10:13

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See the source image

Wishing you joy and peace in your day!  Remember, God’s got this.

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