Pastor’s Message

Reaching Out from

Grand Lake Community Chapel 

Wednesday, July 7, 2021 

Greetings in Christ! 

This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it! Let us rejoice (??) in the gentle, steady  rainfall that is freshening our gardens and lawns, and let us be glad that summer rains are inevitably followed by  sunshine and warm temperatures! As we all continue to enjoy summer in Northern Michigan, we’d like to let everyone  know that your pastors will be away for the next two weeks as we try to capture some last-minute family time before Justice heads off to college in August; there won’t be a weekly e-mail on July 14th or the 21st, but rest assured that the  offices at both Westminster and the Chapel will be staffed and able to respond to your calls and e-mails.  

As odd as it may seem to some of us, leisure is an often under-appreciated aspect of life; for the past several  years, if not decades, there has been a culture-wide emphasis on being busy. We’ve come to believe that if our children  aren’t in multiple after-school activities and summer enrichment programs, and that if we ourselves don’t have  calendars crammed full of meetings and events, that somehow we aren’t really living the “good life.” To that we say  “nuts!” Leisure, or play, if you prefer that word, is an absolutely essential part of life; we all need some down time, the  opportunity to be unproductive and inefficient every once in a while, and in our humble opinions, reading a good book  in a comfy chair is one of the best ways to spend those down time hours. And let us suggest that one of the good books  to spend some time with is the Holy Bible; every day, why not try reading a chapter or two and see what jumps out at  you? One of the truly fascinating aspects of reading our Bibles is that something new always presents itself, even if  we’re intimately familiar with the chapter we’re reading; almost as if God is speaking to us every time we open the  pages… As television news anchor, Anderson Cooper, once wrote “The mark of a good book is that it changes every time  you read it,” and the Bible is certainly a Good Book – right?? So consider adding the Bible to your summer reading list;  we promise that you won’t regret it! 

God bless you! 

Karen and Greg 

“Yet faith comes from listening to this Good News— the Good News about Christ.” Romans 10:17 

Grand Lake Community Chapel will be holding our VBS Sunday Service at 9 a.m. on July 11th in the BIG tent! All are invited. Please bring your favorite lawn chair and maybe a warm blanket as it will be sunny with a bit of a chill in the air! The Holy Spirit has been with us all week dodging rain drops, laughing and dancing, and listening to the heartfelt prayers of all our kids. Come and be with us!

Wishing you joy and peace in your day! Remember, God’s got this.

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